Workspace Wednesday | How to Organize Slimline Card Supplies with the Tall Sticker Organizer

Hey friends! Today I'm beginning a new series here on my blog called Workspace Wednesday. I was completely inspired to begin this new series by my amazingly talented and crafty friend Jamie Pate. She has shared several posts already and I encourage you to check them out. What is Workspace Wednesday? Well let me tell you about it. Organizing my craft room is something that brings me almost as much joy as actually crafting. I know not everyone feels this way, but I know some of you can totally relate. And even if you don't love to organize things as much as I do, you're still probably always looking for better organization and storage solutions for your supplies. With this in mind I thought it might be fun to share some of the storage and organization ideas I use in my craft room. Beside just pretty ideas, I also want to share with you why these solutions work for me and help you figure out what sort of storage ideas might work for you in your workspace.

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect storage solution and just had to share it with all your crafty friends?! Well the organizational nerd in me felt that way when I got my hands on the Tall Sticker Organizer It's actually intended to be used for organizing those large 6x12 size stickers used by so many scrapbookers. At one point in my life I had tons of them, but now I have very few and they already have a home that works for them, so I decided to figure out a different way to use this Tall Sticker Organizer and I immediately realized it would be perfect for organizing all the new slimline card products I have collected recently. As I mentioned in my recent post, 4 Ways to Use Nested Slimline Rectangle Dies, I'm completely in love with this size of card, but I have been struggling with how to keep all my supplies for this size organized. The Tall Sticker Organizer is the perfect solution for storing all my slimline sized products such as paper pads, dies, stencils, card bases and more. I'm going to walk you through how I'm using this organizer in my workspace and hopefully this will give you some ideas on how you might use it in yours. Tall Sticker Organizer used to organize Slimline Card products

The Tall Sticker Organizer is made of 4mm ultra thick greyboard wrapped in sturdy white glossy paper. It is 6.5 inches wide and 12 inches deep. It as a sloped design that makes it easy to organize your stash. The height in front is 6.75 inches and in back is 8.75 inches. Each inner compartment is approximately 3.5 inches deep and 6.1 inches wide. If you want even more detail you can check them out on the website.

As I mentioned the size of this storage unit, makes it perfect for keeping all of my slimline goodies together. Here you can see how I've stored my slimline dies, which are perfectly organized in some Slimline Storage Envelopes.

Slimline sized paper pads are another great product to store in this unit. has a lot of great paper pads, with more options coming soon!

Another favorite product that found a home here are my slimline card and envelope sets. I love being able to grab a premade card base and perfectly sized envelope once my card front is completed.

The Tall Sticker Organizer is also great for storing my Foam Adhesive. This is my favorite double sided foam adhesive and it comes in so many great shapes and sizes. I personally love the Large and Small Squares, but they also have Large and Small Rounds as well as 1/8 inch Strips and Sheets.

Because I'm trying to keep all of my slimline products in one place, this is also a great spot to store my Extended size Magic Mat. The size of this magic mat is 6 x 14.5 inches and is perfect to use for die cutting slimline sized dies. If you aren't familiar with the Magic Mat, then I highly recommend you check out my No More Warped Cutting Plates | Why You Need The Magic Mat from post to learn more.

Last, but not least, another great thing about the Tall Sticker Organizer is that it fits inside the Ikea Kallax system. You can actually fit two of them side by side in one of the openings. Here I have mine sharing space with a couple of 6x8 Albums. One album hold my 6x8 stencils and the other is my ink swatch organizer. If you'd like to learn more about these albums and how I'm using them, check out my 5 Ways to Use a 6x8 Album post.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you found some useful ideas here to help with organizing your workspace using the Tall Sticker Organizer. If this product interests you I recommend checking out some of their other storage solutions or my Craft Room Storage Ideas post where I share ideas on how I'm using their Stadium Organizer and 4 Drawer Organizer in my craft room.


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