change we can believe in.


  • i am so not good at this blogging thing!
  • i just don't have the time to do it the way i really want to do it.
  • i love the artsy ones, the thoughtful posts & of course the ones with amazing photos!
  • i am feeling rather inspired lately by my surroundings.
  • inspired to create, but not just scrapbook LO's & such.
  • i have been having this urge lately to do more.
  • to create more.
  • i just wish i had the time & the skills to create some of the things that are running around in my mind lately.
  • i have had this deep desire to create my own stuff.
  • maybe some day my dream will come true.
  • for now i will continue to create with what i have available to me.
  • and soon i will share my latest CMK kit projects.
  • if you love Pink Paislee you will love this kit....i promise!
but maybe it's just the Dr P talking!!!

see ya later alligator!

that's what friends are for....

RUN - thanks to my dear friend Rachel i have started running again! let's preface this by the fact that i HATE running. yes, you read me right! but it is a very good way to get your self going & having some motivation to work out regular is very helpful. thank you Rachel for suggesting this torture. i just have to keep reminding myself that i am truly grateful as each foot pounds the road. i have been surviving my runs but i know from past experience the running never gets any more fun or easy. it always hurts! but it is good for me & i am looking forward to the 5K we are going to run together at the end of september.

WORK - i got another raise at work! yeah me!!!!

FUN - we went camping this past weekend with my parents at Sam A. Baker. the weather was perfect & we had a really wonderful weekend. putting the tent together for the first time each season is always a little challenging but we managed to get it up before dark. i was very excited to have had the opportunity, thanks to the wonderful world of technology (my dad took his satellite dish!) to watch Michael Phelps win #7 & #8 of his gold medals. that guy is a stud & a half in the water!!!

back to the camping...we went hiking, roasted marshmallows, cooked & ate all of our meals outdoors & i got to fall asleep listening to "the bugs" (one of my favorite summer sounds)

now i am off to scrap a little. still not feeling inspired. but i really do love the new Pink Paislee stuff i have in my hands so hopefully i'll have some fun with it!

butterfly love

not just the scrappy products covered with them but the real thing!
took these awesome photos at my mom's