A New Year - Twenty 12

Happy New Year!  Happy Twenty 12!
I am looking forward to this year.  Hoping it will be a good year and not full of the same sort of craziness as this past year. 2012 is starting off similar to last year in some ways, minus moving to another city.  I am starting a new job and we are finally moving but this time into a real house!
The job change was not my choice. I loved my job and the people I worked with.  It was one of the best settings I have worked in in a long time.  Sad to say, but true never the less.  The hospital however, decided to partner with a local therapy company and closed our location.  Everyone I worked with, including myself, had to find a new job.  We all did...that is the good news.  I just don't like the idea of having to start all over again, but this is not the first time I have started a new job.  It will probably be easier for me than some of the others.  I just hope we can all keep in touch and get together now and then!  I miss you all already!!!  And I really hope that my new work group will be good.  It makes work so much more enjoyable when you all get along! Here a couple photos of the crew from this past year!

As for the move, we have been living in a 2 bedroom apartment for a year since we moved here.  And the walls and rooms feel like they are closing in on us some days.  I am super excited about the house...it was built in 1893.  Yes you read it correctly!  When we moved here, I fell in love with the historic district.  There are so many old homes here and so many of them are still well cared for.  Well we found an old house and we move in next weekend!  I can't wait to finally feel like I have my own place and I am looking forward to decorating and all that fun stuff.  The great thing about it is that is is move in ready and I actually like the wall colors.  So I may not do any painting!  Eventually, and hopefully much sooner than later, we do want to update the kitchen. It is not horrible...the appliance are awesome, it is just not very pretty.  It has blue counter tops.  Nuff said!!!

Well now that you have made it this far how about something scrappy?!
First up, I have a layout that is up on the Bo Bunny blog today where we are featuring the new Snowfall collection!  It is GORGEOUS and GLITTERY!  For this layout, I scrapped a photo of my darling niece at her first dance recitial.  She showed up before the recital what she had learned, but when it came time to perform, not much happened!  Stage fright maybe?!  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that one of her little friends totally freaked out and starting crying when they got in front of everyone. LOL!!!  Anyway, she looked adorable and that is all that really matters right!?

As for the Bo Bunny Snowfall collection, I am actually going to be using it again today with a photo from our trip to Lake Michigan and I can't wait to see how it works.  Even with the snow flakes, the colors are perfect for this photo.  I can't wait to share it with you soon!
Second, I have a fun Jillibean Soup layout to share with you.  I played along with their December sketch by the super talented Julie Bonner.  I love that all of the Jillibean collections mix and match so well, and on this layout, I have quite a mix going on! This photo is of my sister while on vacay at Lake Michigan!  I thought the title went perfect with her pose!!!

So...now that you are finished reading and looking at all this mess of a post, what do you think about a giveaway?! Stay tuned tomorrow...I am going to be giving away some awesome Cricut and other scrappy stuff.  I am moving you know and this will be one less box that I have to worry about! ;)



  1. What a pretty layout (#1) and the other one is so fun!!!! :-) Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Years to you! A new year a new start =) Lovely layouts.

  3. Hi Juliana! I'm glad you told us what the issue was from late last year. I suspected it was a job loss but I'm happy you were able to find a new one quickly! We live in an old Victorian home built in 1889! Even though it has new windows, siding and insulation, it's still chilly in the winter months. We love our house though but with the age, there are always issues. Love the snowfall peaks today! Thanks for being here

  4. Fabulous layouts Juliana! Love the title on the JBS one! Congrats on your home. Can't wait to see photos. Sounds like you have a good attitude about the job situation...that will make it much easier. Hugs my friend!

  5. Omg so much happening all at once for u! Congrats on the new job and I will be hoping that you enjoy this new job as much if not more than the last! Congrats on your new house yeah yeah yeah so exciting !! Make sure u post us some pics of its progress as u change things to make it your home :). Love love love the Bo bunny layout with your niece. She is very precious!! The one of your sis on the beach is great I love all the colors and makes me want summer now lol I am so not a winter person!! Here's to a happy new year!!!


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