Father Christmas Spool Tree

I hope everyone has had a chance to stop by the Official Cricut Blog and checked out the Cricut Craft Room and Cricut Mini this week!  I have been crafting away with it and it is wonderful to work with! There are so many cool things going on in Cricut land!  Seriously cool!!!  If you want you can check out more, see my post below.

Now on to today's share!  This project is also up on the Bo Bunny blog as we feature Father Christmas today.  I love the vintage feel of this collection and found it perfect to create a little Christmas decor project.

INSPIRATION: Wooden Spool Tree

WHY: This first project was inspired by a spool tree I saw in a recent issue of Paper Crafts Holiday Cards.  I knew I wanted to create one the moment I saw it, but I wanted mine to be a bit different.  I wanted to dress it up a bit more. Ornaments!  It needed ornaments and the Bo Bunny Trinkets were the perfect fit!  And so from this my Father Christmas Spool Tree was born.

I found the wooden spools and flower pot at Ben Franklin Crafts. And I found the dowel rods for the branches, the 1" wood strip for the trunk and the 5" round piece for the base at Hobby Lobby.

I created the tree and the branches and placed them in the pot before realizing that it was going to be too heavy to stand alone.  DH came to the rescue by suggesting that I attach it to a round wooden piece.  He then used some wood screws and counter sunk them so that it would be flat on the bottom.  It worked perfectly!

I covered each spool with patterned paper from the Father Christmas 6x6 paper pad.  Once everything was assembled, I hot glued the Trinkets to the front of the spools and embellished them a bit more with some jewels.

After I put it all together, and took the photos, I kind of think that I should have painted the spools a dark green.  What do you think? I just may end up painting them anyway...but very carefully! LOL!
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  1. I think it is just awesome.. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent...

  2. How fabulous is this Julianna! LOVE it!

  3. Wow that is beautiful! I really love how you created yours!!

  4. This is seriously amazing! I love the trinkets on each spool, very very cool!

  5. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, Juliana!! What a fun home decor piece for the holidays. LOVE the papers and LOVE the ornaments you used. You've really got me inspired now. My girlfriend just gave me a bag of wooden spools, and now I know just what to do with them. :) Can't wait to try this!

  6. don't you dare paint them, they are gorgeous just how they are!

  7. What a fun altered project, and I love the embellishments you chose. Beautiful.

  8. Absolutely adorable!!! So unique.


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