Compartmental Christmas Card Ideas | Tips & Tricks for Mass Production

Hello and welcome! In this post I'm sharing my latest video - Compartmental Christmas Card Ideas | Tip and Tricks for Mass Production. While I always make some Christmas cards that take more time, and those go to special family members and such, I need something I can put together a little bit quicker for the rest of the cards.

Compartmental Christmas Card Ideas | Tips & Tricks for Mass Production by Juliana Michaels

Coming up with the ideas takes time and even as a maker, sometimes it's nice not to have to do all that thinking and planning. By using the method I'm sharing in my video, I'm able to remove some of that pressure, save time AND most importantly sit back and enjoy the making process! Last year, I used this same method and I really liked how it worked out for me, so I'm doing it again this year and I thought I'd share about it with you.

Before I ever started on my cards I did a bit of planning. This year when the Christmas making season began, I scrolled through Instagram and I went to Tim Holtz's blog and his posts for the holiday releases and started saving card ideas that really inspired me. The other reason in picking some of the designs was to use some of the products I had gotten during the season and hadn't had time to play with just yet. Then, when it came time for me to start my mass production I was able to refer to those card ideas and get started. I talk about this and the rest of the method I use to create my cards in the video.

You can watch the video below or head over to my YouTube channel and watch it there.

In the video I also walk you through how to create this card that was inspired by Alex - am_spatz_werk. I take you step by step through my process and how to break it down into easy to manage compartmental steps. 

Candleshop Christmas Card by Juliana Michaels


As for the rest of the cards that you see in the photo above, in the video I talk you through the compartmental steps I used to create each one. Here I'm sharing images of the cards I created, the supplies I used (which you can find at the bottom of this post) and links to the makers and the cards that inspired me. I encourage you to check out each of these talented makers and give them a follow and a like!

Joy To The World Blue and Silver Christmas Card by Juliana Michaels

Gentlemen Joy To The World Christmas Card by Juliana Michaels

Embossed Merry Christmas Card by Juliana Michaels

Embossed Joy To The World Christmas Card by Juliana Michaels

I hope you enjoyed this video and the method I've shared to help get your Christmas cards completed with Compartmental Card Ideas | Tips and Tricks for Mass Production.


Below you can find the supplies I used to create these various Christmas Cards. When you shop through the links below, I receive a small commission from These links are at no cost to you and the commission I receive helps me cover the costs of my blog and other expenses, and allows me to continue to provide you with FREE inspiration and tutorials. If you want to learn more about what an affiliate link is, you can see my full affiliate and product disclosure statement here. Thank you so much for your love and support!

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