Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

Happy Halloween friends! Even though today is Halloween, I still wanted to share with you a Halloween wreath I made using some fun finds from my local Dollar Tree. I figured it's better late than never when it comes to sharing some of the crafty projects I created this year for our Halloween party. I know you won't have time to create one this year, but you can always Pin it and save them for next year!

Dollar Tree Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath by Juliana Michaels

I started with a wire wreath form from my stash. This one is 18 inches. I then followed this great tutorial on how to make a Deco Mesh wreath form.  The rest of the supplies came from Dollar Tree, with the exception of some small plastic glitter spiders I found at Party City.

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath Supplies:
3 Rolls Mesh - 2 purple, 1 black
2 Black Halloween Garland
2 Rolls of Ribbon
2 Stems Black Roses
Spider Web
Orange Glitter Spider
Plastic Skeletons
Orange Sparkly Pipe Cleaners

Dollar Tree Halloween Supplies

Following the tutorial, I attached the 3 rolls of Deco Mesh using the orange sparkly pipe cleaners. I was ok with the sparkly orange showing, but if you don't want them to be seen, then you might want to use black pipe cleaners. 

Next, I tool the 2 Black Halloween Garlands and removed all the jack o'lanterns. They are twist tied to the garland and I kept them for a possible future project. I hate to waste anything! I then weaved both of these in between the mesh to fill in the wreath even more.

Now it's time to add the ribbons. I wrapped them, one at a time, around the wreath and used the pipe cleaners to tie them in place on the back side of the wreath.

Dollar Tree Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath by Juliana Michaels

Once the base was completed, I began to decorate the wreath.  I used some black twist ties to attach the skeletons. The roses are held in place using some of the orange pipe cleaners.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the small plastic spiders.

The large spider web in the center of the wreath originally came with a glow in the dark spider, but I removed it and replaced it with the orange glitter spider. I then attached it to the wreath using the pipe cleaners.

After all my goodies were attached, I took the remaining orange pipe cleaners and wrapped them around a coloring marker to create a coil. I then attached these to the wreath to add a little more bling.

Dollar Tree Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath by Juliana Michaels

You might have noticed the "Witch Is In" sign in the supply picture above. I had originally planned to use that on the wreath, however as I started putting it all together, I decided to go with the spider web and glitter spider in the center.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create your own Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath! Remember to pin this for next year. Dollar Tree usually stocks their Halloween products shortly after school starts in the fall.  I recommend keeping an eye out for them and to get there early for the best selection. Happy crafting!

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