Happy Hoppy Easter | The Evolution Of A Scrapbook Page

Hi there! Suzanna here to share with you the evolution of a layout created using 17turtles Digital Cut Files! The end result, as seen here, and the end result as conceptualized are far from the same. That's okay, I am pleased as can be with the outcome.  It just wasn't what I had set out to do. A happy accident, shall we say?

Hoppy Easter Scrapbook Page Layout by Suzanna Lee featuring 17turtles Digital Cut File Happy Hoppy Easter

This layout was always going to have a grid format and it was always going to be an 8.5x11 sized page. It was also always going to incorporate those particular patterned papers. What evolved was how I ended up using the cut files. My original plan had been to weld the title words of the cut files together, as I did. I then wanted to cut the words individually from four different patterned papers and insert them into the negative (or background) which I would cut into a 4x6 rectangle.

Welding with the Silhouette Cameo using 17turtles Digital Cut File Happy Hoppy Easter

The welding was easy. All you have to do is ungroup the set and move things around as you want them lined up then click on the "modify" button on the top, right hand side of your screen. Next click on "weld" in the window that appears. See, I told you it was easy. Now, if you knew what you were doing ahead of time, I would recommend that you duplicate/copy these words at this size before you click weld and then move them off your printable area so that you have the correct size "inserts" to insert into the negative space. You would then cut the four words from four different patterned papers. However, I didn't like that! I couldn't see the words distinct and it was too busy…

Hoppy Easter Scrapbook Page Layout by Suzanna Lee featuring 17turtles Digital Cut File Happy Hoppy Easter

I decided to try and use my sketch pens and outline the negative, or background, on the pastel yellow cardstock, then use the same four patterned paper cut words to insert, hoping that this would fix the busy and make things more distinct. That plan didn't turn out as expected. But it did leave me with the foundation of what I have on the final page. The welded words, once cut, had some of the sketch pen on them and I really liked that shadowed look. SO, I scrapped the patterned paper words and the sketch pen background and decided to offset for an additional layer of color.

Hoppy Easter Scrapbook Page Layout by Suzanna Lee featuring 17turtles Digital Cut File Happy Hoppy Easter

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the step by step behind the scenes process of what ended up on the page!

I used two NEW 17turtles Cut Files on my layout that are now available in the 17turtles Shop!


17turtles Digital Cut Files Eggcellent Adventure


17turtles Digital Cut Files Happy Hoppy Easter

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Lucky You St. Patrick's Day Scrapbook Page by Suzana Lee featuring 17turtles Digital Cut Files


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  1. Oh, I ADORE 'accidents' that become LOVELY pages! And the Easter one is precisely that!!! The St Pat's one is gorgeous too...those criss cross bits look fabulous:):)

  2. Great pages! Love how those accidents work out in the end!


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