Welding Letters | A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Do you want to learn more about how to use some of the fun features on the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine? Would you like to learn how to create your own custom titles and word art? How about learning to weld the letters together to create an all in one title? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Welding Letters tutorial that I am sharing with you today is perfect for you!

Begin by selecting the Text button located along the left hand side of the screen (the one with the letter A on it). This will open the Text Style window on the right hand side of the screen. Next, scroll through the Font Style and select the font you want to use for your title.

Welding Letters - A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Once you have selected your font, type out the word or words you want to use for your title. In this example I am showing you how to do this with just one word. I would recommend doing one word at a time. You can always weld the words together later. 

After you have typed your word, left click and select the text. Then, right click and select Ungroup. 

Welding Letters - A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

This allows you to be able to move each letter around individually so that you can move them close enough together that you can weld them into one piece. Once you have moved the letters until they are slightly overlapping, left click and select all of the letters. Then right click and select Weld.

Welding Letters - A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

I thought the letters were overlapping enough however, when I looked at the word after clicking on Weld, I realized that the E was not connected to the V. If this happens to you, click on the Undo Arrow (located on the left side of the top tool bar) to undo the weld. Move the E until it is overlapping more, select all of the letters, right click and the select Weld.

Welding Letters - A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Now all of the letters are one little happy welded family ready for you to cut out and use as one piece on your project.

Welding Letters - A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

If you are interested in doing more than one word, repeat this same process with the second word. Then move the two words until they are overlapping and weld them together.

So welding letters is super easy peasy right?! Now that you know how, you can start creating your own custom scrapbook titles using some of your favorite fonts. Happy Welding!!!


  1. For a moment I thought the title was WEDDING not welding letters!!! LOL.....I wondered what on earth you were doing with wedding letters, heehee:) Anyways, another simple, easy to follow tutorial. THANK YOU......sending the link to a GF who needs to know how to do this!!!

  2. Perfect timing....I was trying to figure this out a few nights ago~~ Your tutorials are always so easy to follow!!
    I watched a video about adding text and mentioned something about "compound paths" to cut out the insides of letters like a,b, d, etc. I noticed you didn't use that....I didn't cut out the word I made while I followed along with your tutorial so am wondering if your word "love" cut out the middles of l, o, and e?
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Great question Donna! My tutorial will allow you to cut out the center of the letters. You would only use the compound path option if you do not want to cut out the centers. I hope this helps!


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