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I love Christmas and I actually love to scrap my Christmas photos. I have had discussions with people who love to take the photos and "collect" the Christmas scrappy goodies, but they have a hard time scrapping the photos because they feel overwhelmed by all the photos. I don't worry about that because the more photos I have the more scrappy stuff I get to play with right?!
I was dong just that when I created these two layouts. I had been hoarding Jillibean Soup's Christmas Eve Chowder and their first Christmas collection called Grandma's Christmas Soup. These two collections mixed together well and this first layout was the end result.

This second layout mostly used Christmas Eve Chowder.

I love both of these layouts because they are of my nieces, but I feel the urge to add to the layouts to dress them up a bit more. They both seemed a little unfinished. I am always amazed at how different my layouts looks after they have been photographed. It really seems to give me a different perspective. I really feel like the first layout needs a little work on the edges of the large square/ rectangle pieces to soften them a bit. They seem too harsh. And the second one needs to be grounded to the sides, top and bottom a bit more. However, it is very unlikely that I "fix" them. I am pretty sure they will stay as they are and I will think about these things when I scrap in the future.
By the way....I really miss scrapping!!! But I have been art journaling to fill the crafty urge until I return in January to Illinois. I'll have to share some of my creations here soon.



  1. wonderful layouts!!! i too love to scrap the holidays- so much fun

  2. I love your layouts Juliana. You always have "just the right touch". I always am amazed too when I scan my layout and then take a look at it, it's funny how it adds a different perspective. I can't wait to see your art journal pages. You will have a whole journal by the time you get home! It's great though that you can fill that "crafty urge". Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Both of these are great Juliana!! I used to hate scrapping Christmas photos, because I felt like I had to do double page layouts and squeeze in every photo, from that one event. But I got over that and now I love doing Christmas layouts!! :) The mix of collections on the first one is so cute and I love the corrugated alphas and Bean Blossoms on your second page!!

  4. Gorgeous!! Love them the way they are....the mixing of papers worked beautifully colourwise. You have a knack if tying things in together perfectly.

  5. Beautiful. I especially love the pink and green mix!


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