The Works on Wednesday + A Giveaway

Welcome to The Works on Wednesday!
I am quite excited to share today's layout with you and I hope you are inspired and excited to give it a try too! Just like last Wednesday, I am going to share a layout with you and some of the process behind the why, what and how.

INSPIRATION: zigzag / chevron

WHY: I keep hearing everyone referring to chevrons.  They are everywhere right now.  Clothing, decorating and of course they have invaded scrapbooking.  I look at most of the designs however and think they look more like what I would call a zigzag, so I decided to do a little research.

Here are the definitions I found on Wikipedia...
A chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern. The word is usually used in reference to a kind of fret in architecture, or to a badge or insignia used in military or police uniforms to indicate rank or length of service, or in heraldry and the designs of flags.

A zigzag is a pattern made up of small corners at variable angles, though constant within the zigzag, tracing a path between two parallel lines; it can be described as both jagged and fairly regular. Traditionally a "zig" points in the left direction (/) and a "zag" points right (\). From the point of view of symmetry, a regular zigzag can be generated from a simple motif like a line segment by repeated application of a glide reflection.

I also found this nice image to help discern the difference visually between the two... The top images are of a chevron and the bottom are of a zigzag.

So now that we know the difference, I went looking for some specific inspiration and I found this super cool image on my new favorite time busting site...Pinterest! Hours can be gone before you know it as you cruise through all the inspiration there!  When I saw this image I immediately thought of a nice big zigzag border with some fun accent colors.

I decided to try to keep the creation of a zigzag easy and quickly found a great image on the Cricut Essentials Cartridge included on the new Cricut Expression 2.

I first cut out a large zigzag from white cardstock to play around with the size and placement of the border. The next thing I did was find a photo and went to work picking out papers and embellies to go with my zigzag pattern.

On the side there, you can see a small sketch that I created to start with, but I eventually when a totally different direction with things.

As the colors started coming together, I quickly realized that the photo I had originally wanted to scrap just wasn't going to work, so I dug through my photos and found another one that went with the colors much better.  I then started playing around with a different placement for the zigzag border and this is what I came up with.

Once I added the white grid like paper as a large mat for my photo, I knew it needed a edging to it.  That is where the twine came into play.  I taped it to the back side of the layout using Provo Craft's Terrifically Tacky Tape.  I then began adding the buttons and brads.  I also used the packaging piece from the buttons as a decorative element...

and as a place to ground my title on the layout.

I used double sided foam tape to pop up the small letter stickers.

Here you can see how I adhered the twine to the backside of the layout.  I also like to use Provo Crafts Terrifically Tacky Tape to hold the thread from my buttons.  Tying knots works well too, but they leave little bumps on the back that I don't always like.

Here is the finished layout once again...

and some detail shots...

Patterned Paper: My Mind's Eye
Corrugated Letters: Jillibean Soup
Letter Stickers: Bo Bunny
Brads and Buttons: My Mind's Eye
Jewels: Bo Bunny
Kraft Cardstock: Jillibean Soup
Twine: unknown


And now for the giveaway I mentioned...
How about a Cricut Happy Hauntings Cartridge?!

If you would like the chance to win this cartridge, just leave me a comment below.
I will leave this open until Tuesday November 1 and I will announce the winner next Wednesday during my next The Works post!

As always, thanks for your visit!  I love reading your comments and I hope you are inspired to try zigzags or chevrons on your next layout.



  1. I love your zig zag layout! It's fun to know which is the zig and which is the zag! Ha!

  2. Super page! LOVE that cluster of buttons and accents! :)

  3. Haha..I know exactly what you mean about pinterest,it is my new favorite obsession!! Great layout, love your use of embellies:)

  4. Thank you so much for the excellent information and for the inspiration to create some cute chevron and zig zag patterns! Love your layout!

  5. Oh how I LOVE this LO!! Your title is just the sweetest and it's nice to know there ARE a few good ones out there :) lol You're right, the chevron thing is everywhere....I'm still not sure if I actually like it or not but it does look awesome on your layout. I am a bit lazier than you...when i use buttons I always thread them first and then glue dot em to my Thanks for a chance to win too..I have eyed that cartridge forever!!!!


  6. Cool! I learned something new today. Love your LO. So neat and masculine

  7. Love the LO and thanks for sharing the tutorial and info on Chervon thing. Would love to win this cartridge.

  8. Thanks for the research! I never even heard the term "chevron" before this past spring - and now, you're right, the pattern is everywhere. I love how different mfr.'s are including zigzags on their solid prints. I think it's here to stay.
    As for your page - awesome! Sweet title, and I love those MME papers. TFS!

  9. Great layout Juliana... and you are sounding like me (a librarian) doing all this research!

  10. My gosh, what a beautiful layout!! SO love that zigzag you created and love your design. the title work is fabulous and I adore the scattering of buttons. Beautiful!!

  11. Good morning, Juliana!
    Thanks for visiting over
    on my blog :)
    I just adore this layout!
    My's So Awesome!
    Love the happy mood you created
    with Chevrons and Buttons :)
    Hugs and Blessings,

  12. I love this layout!! I am all about the zigzag and chevrons lately. I have been cutting mine with a cricut, as well, I just don't have that cartridge. I made my own :)

  13. This is a really fantastic layout. I love the happy-go-lucky feel the chevron/zig zag gives to the layout. And what a wonderful giveaway!

  14. Great layout! I love the step by step.
    I actually like zig-zags, hopefully i can start using them too!
    thanks for sharing.

  15. I love reading about your process--it is very helpful when I want to create a layout from scratch. Thanks for sharing. Cathie

  16. I love the Chevron--great masculine lo! Thanks also for a chance to win!

  17. This is so awesome! I love the Chevron pattern and it can be used with so much. All you have to do is change the color of the paper!

  18. Thanks for the peek into your creative process. It's always so fun to see how others create. I love love the Chevron pattern you created, I love it all big and super sized like that! Thanks for the great giveaway, too.

    Have a great halloween today!!


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