Angel how to...

Several people asked for instructions on how I created my flower pot angel.
Here is my supply list and instructions!
2 inch round wooden knob
2.5 inch diameter clay flower pot
patterned paper
border punch
acrylic paint
paint brush
ribbon or twill
hot glue gun
2 inch circle punch
decorative scissors
Wing die cuts (using a Silhouette, Cricut, etc)

If you would like to look at more images go to this POST.
Paint the wooden knob a flesh tone with acrylic paint. Once it is dry add the eyes, nose and mouth with a fine tip brush.
Cover the bottom edge of the outside of the flower pot with a strip of patterned paper. Start by adhereing it using the hot glue gun to the back side of the flower pot, leave a little extra along the bottom that you can curl under the bottom edge. Lightly mist the paper with water to make it more flexible. This will allow you to form it around the base as you glue it around the flower pot.
Next punch several strips from paper with a decorative border punch. Pleat fold these and attach them around the pot using the glue gun.
Attach a larger strip of paper (use decorative scissors along the bottom edge of this piece) starting at the top using the same method of gluing it in place and misting it lightly with water. The misting will cause the paper to wrinkle slightly as you attach it, but this will give it more of a cloth appearance.
Use the 2 inch circle punch to make the cone shaped arms.
Use cream colored buttons for hands.
Create the collar from ribbon/trim. Using a gathering type stitch. Hot glue this in place on the top (which is actually the base) of the flower pot.
Glue the doll head on top of this, in the center of the gathered ribbon/trim.
Create the curls from strips of curled paper. Use the paint brush handle to wrap the paper strips around to curl them. Hot glue them to her head.
Cut wings from paper and attach to back side of angel.
Finish by adding buttons, glitter or other embellishments to decorate her hair, dress and wings.
I hope this tutorial is helpful! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!

Here is a link to how Patti Milazzo created her angel. This is the one that inspired mine and I must again give her credit for my creation.

I am looking forward to seeing my sister and her family and celebrating my sister's birthday this weekend! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That is just so cute cute cute! Thanks for sharing! Are you going to the StL CKC in April???

  2. Thanks for sharing Juliana!! The doll is adorable. Donna says Hi too! I finally set up a blog, come visit sometime,

  3. This is a wonderful project! Thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering how you did her hair. So cute!

  4. Juliana this is so adorable, I will have to try, I just love it.

    Carole xx

  5. she is just so darn cute, Juliana! Love her to pieces!

  6. Wowzers!! Your little angel is so stinkin adorable. Her little face with those lips, just too cute. You have such talent in those little fingers of yours. Thanks for the instructions too. It was interesting to read how it all came together. Love your work! I will have to check out Patti's as well.
    xoxo, Christine


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