What does this new year hold for me?
This question certainly keeps going through my mind!
I am excited about the new things already in progress on the scrappy side of my life!
Being part of a manufacturer DT...Magisitical Memories!
Being a DT member for what is shaping up to be a super awesome challenge blog...Mix It Up!
Being a DT member for my first ever digital designer...Amy Teets Designs!
And teaching my first scrapbook class in about 2 years at my LSS later this month!

But I really keep wondering about other things...babies!
Will this be the year that we are blessed with the joy of a new baby or the year we determine it is not meant to be?
Either way, I know it is all part of God's plan for me!

New year's resolutions? Do you have them?
I usually don't have anything specific, and this year is no different I guess.
I am still soul searching for a word to use as my word for this year.
Wait...I think I just decided...CREATE.
It fits me in so many ways this year.
And I love the saying "Do something creative everyday!"
It reminds me to focus on doing and looking at things in a new light. Things that are somethings thought of as boring or repetitive. Look for the bright side!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wish all of you a year full of happiness and joy!!!


  1. I love your outlook on the New Year and the saying "do something creative everyday" sure is fitting!
    Happy New Year to you

  2. I'm so excited for you Juliana - so many great things are happening for you! And I have my fingers crossed that this is the year for a baby for you! :-) I hope all your wishes come true for 2009 - happy new year to you, my friend!

  3. Happy New Year, Juliana! I'm stoked for you this year and hope to hear about a li'l one on here too. :)

    scrappy hugs,

    Amy W.

  4. How I love your post today, Juliana! Love your spirit and great outlook on life! I think the word you chose is just perfect! Perfect!
    Congratulations on all the fabulous scrappy news. I wish you a wonderful 2009.

  5. sounds like a fun year ahead for you!!!

  6. Happy New Year, Juliana!
    I love the word you chose and pray for God's richest blessings for you in 2009!
    congratulations on all the exciting scrappy stuff you have going on.. can't wait to see all of your fabulous creations!

  7. I hope that 2009 brings you much happiness and that all your dreams will come true!!!! 2008 has been really great for you and I am sure that 2009 will just as great!!!

  8. Create is one of my favorite words too! I am sure you will have a creative year ahead! Looking forward to seeing it!

    Best wishes for a Happy and Creative New Year!

  9. Juliana, your post is so positive and inspiring! Keep your positive outlook on life, it seems God gives you blessings when you least expect them (that's how it happened for us!)but I hope you get yours sooner than later :)

    Happy New Year to you!

  10. Congratulations and Happy New Year!!

  11. You are truly blessed Juliana! I'm sure 2009 will bring you much joy in many ways :)

  12. Happy 2009 friend!
    i love your attitude.
    i hope 2009 brings you everything you dream of. and i hope we meet up for a weekend of shopping and scrapping in 2009! :) love you!


Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa