Before & After | A Scrapbook Page Makeover

Have you ever created a layout and then decided you really didn't like it? Usually, I am satisfied with my layouts when I am "finished" with them. Recently, however, I created a layout that I just did not like.  I took photos, posted it on my blog HERE, but I just didn't like it. I set it to the side despite this feeling and then a couple weeks later I decided I was going to try to "fix it".  This is the original layout that I didn't like.

Here is the "fixed" layout.

I added a few things here and there and I think I finally like it a bit more. It seems a bit more finished with the addition of the other embellishments and bits of patterned paper.  I also added a bit more ink to helped the embossed/stamped images show up a bit more. 

What are your thoughts?  I just loved this photo of my Dad & husband so much that I wanted to love the layout too! KWIM?!



  1. i do not go back and change a layout - that is just me personally but i have to say i really like your additions to the new layout! the first layout was great but i do have to say i love the added embellies!!

  2. I have to agree with you! I have done this many times and I have also completly said I hate it and it ends up in the trash. I love the second layout it has just the right amount of extras and it gives it more of a finished look. Funny how a few more little items can do it. Perfect in everyway. I love the way that the picture is still the main focuse of the layout.

  3. Love the photo of your Dad and your husband. I like how you added a few extras but kept the focus on the photo. I like all the goodies!! I look at a lot of my layouts and think maybe I should "redo" them. I actually had one scanned yesterday and when I looked at it I thought it wasn't quite right so back to the drawing board I went. I think it would be fun to take an "OLD" layout and see how you would change it now.

  4. I have WANTED to go back and change some that I was like... WHAT was I THINKING when I made this?!?!? LOL!! But alas... I have never gone back! :)

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee the additions to your lo!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  5. I think the original version is great but the 'fixed' one has just those extra details that make it fabulous!!

  6. OMGosh! I do this all the time too! LOL!! I love seeing your before and after photos..x

  7. Juliana, I love the changes. Your additions just really make this page. I just did this same exact thing earlier this week for one of my LO's Just a couple changes, but it made all the difference. What a great photo to showcase!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  8. At first, I wondered why you didn't like the original layout, because I thought it looked great! But after seeing the "embellished" version, I like it more too! The addition of the green strips of patterned paper make a nice transition from the teal chevron paper to the green background, and I love the additional circles and other embellies. As always, lovely work, Juliana!

  9. Very subtle differences Juliana but they make all the difference! Great makeover!!


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