February 15, 2010

Top Ten & PJ's

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! I know we did! No big fancy gifts this year, but a lot of quality time together and it was really wonderful and relaxing.I had a great time creating all the gifts I gave Danny and he seemed to love them all!

Today on the Bo Bunny blog we are sharing projects created using something recycled or reused. For this project I created a mini album using the packaging from the Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbon. I covered each card with patterned paper. I added a strip of striped paper and a punched border to each page to give it some continuity. I then decorated it with rubon's and cut outs from the patterned paper. I went with a "Top Ten" theme and actually created this as a gift for Danny for Valentines day. Throughout the mini I shared ten things I love about him!

Here is a close up of the flower on the front cover. I created it using a scallop circle punch. I punched out 6 scallop circles, inked the edges and then accordion folded them. I adhered all of them on top of a punched out circle, hot glued a button in the center and then added the smaller flower and gem. It is rather bulky, but I love all the dimension!

The other gift I made Danny for Valentine's day was a pair of flannel PJ bottoms! This is my first real sewing project using my new sewing machine and I must say that I really enjoyed making them. He was so tickled when I told them that I made them and then he was even more excited when he realized that they were actually long enough for him! (He wears a size 36 inseam and I had to add about 5 inches to the pattern to make them long enough!)
Happy Monday to all of you and thanks for stopping by! On Tuesday I will have my February reveal up at ACOT. I hope you will stop by to check it out!

Hugs Juliana 17turtles


  1. So sweet Juliana! Love the Love Bandit Line.

  2. Incredible mini! Way to go on the pj pants!

  3. I love your little book Juliana! And good for you for sewing - I used to do that all the time but ha, have given it up for SBing. My hubby was always glad to get a pair of PJ pants long enough too, but he is not near as tall as Danny! I did not realize how tall he was.

  4. I'm IN LOVE with that mini. Reused packaging...border punched edges...a big CHUNKY flower... YUM! Super sweet idea!

  5. I absolutely adore your mini! And I am so very impressed that you made those PJ bottoms! My dh would fall over if I ever actually sewed an article of clothing! LOL

  6. What a fantastic idea to use the ribbon packaging. Love the book. Its so cute with sweet pictures in it. I love that flower. You are so good with folding paper. xoxo, Christine

  7. Love the mini! I get most of my chipboard from cereal boxes. Great job on the pjs. I love that sewing allows you to alter for those of us that are not one-size-fits-all.


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