Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath and Garland

I'm so excited to share with you another Dollar Tree project today. You might remember my Dollar Tree Halloween Garland from back around Halloween. Well today, I am sharing my Christmas version. If you are still looking for a quick and easy way to dress up your front door for Christmas, then you have found it! This project is seriously quick and easy!

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath and Garland by Juliana Michaels

The actual garland is from Michael's and is made by wrapping and winding and tucking two different garlands together. I found the wreath in my Christmas decorations stash in much need of a face lift. What about the Dollar Tree goodness you ask? This all happens with the things I used to decorate both the wreath and garland.

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath and Garland by Juliana Michaels

I bought an assortment of plastic red and gold ornaments that came in these long tubes. They had several different sizes to choose from, but I selected some of the smaller ones so that I could group them together easier.

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath and Garland by Juliana Michaels

The other fun finds were these awesome Gold Glitter Star Ornaments and the Merry Christmas Ornaments.

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath and Garland by Juliana Michaels

Supplies | Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath & Garland

Gold and Red Ball Christmas Ornaments
Gold Glitter Star Ornaments
Merry Christmas Glitter Ornaments
Christmas Garland 
Christmas Wreath (24 inch)
Green Floral Wire - 22 Gauge
Wire Cutters


To decorate the wreath, gather some floral wire and wire cutters. Cut the wire into approximately 5" lengths.

String 3 ornaments onto the wire.

Twist the wire to secure the ornaments.

Take this piece and attach it to a branch on your wreath or garland and twist the floral wire around the branch.

There you have it, you are decorating your Christmas wreath and garland with ease!

I also used a similar process to attach the Merry Christmas Glitter Ornaments and the Gold Glitter Star Ornaments to the wreath and garland.

Have you ever created your own Christmas door decorations?
I would love to see and know what YOU would create!



  1. What a beautiful display that looks so high end. Who would have thought a large part of it came from the dollar store?! Love it! :)

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for all the great instruction photos! Love that first picture with your pretty house and adorable doggie! Merry Christmas!

  3. This looks AMAZING Juliana!! I loveeeeeeee your Dollar Store creations!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous Juliana!! Love the way your garland and wreath turned out!!

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and your dog is gorgeous too! i had goldens all growing up and my bailey passed away 2 years ago. I just haven't had the heart yet to get another one. as puppies they are sooo much work!


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