My Project 365 | 2013

I am finally going to give this Project 365 thing a try.  This new adventure should be doable, unless I just happen to forget one day. Hopefully that won't happen!  I am planning to take all of the photos with my Android phone.  I don't have an Iphone, so I can't use the Project365 app.  Instead I found an online service called ShutterCal.  It also has an Iphone app...not sure why no one has an Android app...but oh well!  This one works with my phone because I can download the images from my phone to their website.  They have a calendar feature to let you know what day you are on and you can add your photos later if you want.  The only bummer is you can't print the calendar page as you see it. I would love it if they had that feature. Instead, they do have a print service where they will print each image with the info you provide such as the date and any description and package them in these awesome "shoeboxes"!

Super cute concept, but not exactly what I am looking for as I said.  I really want the calendar thing after seeing how what my scrap pal Kristine Davidson did with hers from last year.  You can what she did HERE.
So are you playing along with some version of this?  I am not so sure about the Project Life thing yet, but there is always next year right?  One step at a time!!!


  1. I have done 3 years worth of taking a photo a day and I am still working on uploading all my photos to Flickr and that is for 2009 & 2010. Eek! I told myself that I am not allowed to do another Project 365 until everything has been uploaded, so maybe in a few years.

    Check out Flickr for Project 365 groups and they even show your archives in calendar format.

  2. This will be a fun journey Juliana. I'm joining in the fun! Day 3 and I'm still going strong, lol. I have to check out Flickr too!

  3. I haven't done it yet ... maybe someday! LOL!! Right now getting myself to do a DD is a BIG step!! LOL!! :)

  4. Is wonderful your work, you are a great artist, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.


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