WOW!!!! CHA was a blast and I totally enjoyed every minute of it! Even though I was dog tired at times! Thanks to Sus and her jet engine fan, I was able to get some sleep! Thanks girl!!! I was thrilled to finally meet a bunch of the gals from ACOT who were sweet enough to allow me tag along with them and hang with them at the show! They are all sweet as A Cherry on Top!!! LOL!!! Here we are on Tuesday night getting together for dinner! (Me, Jules, Janet, Pam, Sarah, Leslie, Sus and Kristin. The only 2 missing from this photo are Jess and Heidi!)
It was amazing to meet so many of my online scrappy friends while I was there! I want to give out a shout to all of you, but I am sure I will forget someone and if I do I apologize and I ask that you let me know so that I can give you some love! OK? So here goes....I got to meet all the fabulous gals from Jillibean Soup, at least those who were able to attend CHA. This included Jill, Kimber, Summer, Karen, Sarah, Paula and Jen! They are such sweet, sweet ladies and genuinely real people which made me so happy on the inside! I also met up with Lolly (AKA Lolly Chops!!!!) and I was super excited to meet up with this talented lady! I only wish we had had more time to visit and chat! I ran into Norma from For the Luv of Art, and I know I must stop by more often! Aphra from Paper Poppy, who is seriously a genuine doll! Kristin from Mosh Posh and Lilly Bee and I feel like a dork for not knowing she was behind it all! Kay in the Sass booth and I really enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her a bit! Suzy and Tricia at Punky Sprouts who are both full of energy and so fun!!! Tina one of my old pals from my CMK days and someone I really need to keep in touch with more! So many of these ladies I knew from CMK! And the best treat of all was running into this amazing lady...
Carrie and I met at CHA in Chicago 2 years ago and we just clicked! One of those genuine, real meal deal types of people that you feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet and call a friend! I seriously think God played a hand in us getting together this time and I am so very thankful for it! Hugs to you my dear friend and I really mean what I said about keeping in better touch with each other!

Well that is all for now! Tomorrow, I hope to share with you some of the products that caught my eye including new tools and collections from CHA! So much eye candy and loser me hardly took any photos! What kind of scrapper am I?!

Until next time...
Happy Hugs!


  1. It was truly amazing to meet you and I too wish we had more time together! NEXT time we'll have to get together for lunch or dinner or something!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. It was such a treat for me to get to meet you! You are soooo super sweet and truly inspiring. Maybe next time we can sit and have a chat over a meal. :)

  3. Juliana how fabulous I would love to go to the CHA, love the photos.

  4. sounds like you had a blast! maybe some day i'll get to go too...who knows.

  5. OOOh Juliana, I am so jealous...I would love to go to CHA..

  6. It was great to finally meet you at CHA. I had so much fun at dinner and am glad that we had an opportunity to hang out! You are as genuine as they come. :-)

  7. pahaha just saw this! Yepppers, we made great roomies!! It was great meeting you and I am up for another get together anytime :D I will be sure to bring my fan :)


Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa