More Jillibean Soup...

Introducing Atomic Soup...perfect for all you science geeks out there! I personally am not one, but I know one and she is going to LOVE this line! I personally can see some great projects coming from this line because of the fun color combination and the fabulous neutral patterns on the reverse of the papers! One of my favoritest things about Jillibean Soup papers!!!

Would you love to get your hand on this collection before anyone else? Then stop by the blog and leave some love for your chance to win!
CHA Summer Sneak  Atomic

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  1. I am a total geek and I LOVE the table of elements paper!!!

  2. Ok I admit it... I was skeptical at first.. but I really love this line!

  3. This is such a different theme. You've blinded me with science! Love it.

  4. I love how unique this line and Kim...I love that you've been blinded by science! Totally brings back some memories...loved that song!!! Had to find it and give it a listen!!!

  5. Ooh I love how unique this line is - brings me back to the high school chem class.

  6. Oh, my word! Science geek here! I am in LOVE this this new line.

  7. I'm far from a science geek, but this adorable!!

    I just love this time of year - so exciting with the first peeks at the new lines!


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