A horse is a horse! Of course! Of course!

And we may very well have one of our own!!!

Today my DH went to pick up a horse to try him out for a couple weeks in order to determine if we (which is really he) want to buy him. We went to see the horse a couple of weeks ago and decided at that time that he was worth trying out and so now we have him and are going to see how he does.
His name is Woody and he is a registered paint quarter horse. Not sure about all the details there but believe me DH knows it all!!! I know DH is so very excited about this opportunity. He has always wanted his own horse and now we have the opportunity to get one. I know it sounds a bit crazy to be getting a horse right now. Money is tight. But DH came up with the wonderful idea to switch hobbies. He used to play the bagpipes. He was really good and traveled all over playing them. He hasn't played in over 8 years. All his stuff for playing has just been sitting around collecting dust. So he came up with the idea of selling it all on Ebay. And it worked! He has officially made enough money to buy the horse and have enough to maintain and care for it for at least a year! Such a clever plan!!! I am so happy that he will finally have a hobby he can enjoy just as much as I do my scrapbooking. He has always been my biggest fan, and now I will be his cowgirl!!!!


  1. Oh, my dh would be so jealous if he saw this! He would love a horse. But seeing as we don't live on a farm (he farms his mom's land south of town) it's not the most practical of expenses right now!
    Way to go for your dh to get rid of his bagpipes and earn some money-- what a great idea!

  2. How cool!! My parents and brother ride and have horses. My kids would go nuts if we ever got one!! I would never guess you to be a cowgirl. Hee hee...I think it's awesome and even better that he was able to save up the money like that. Great photo too!

  3. My daugther wishes she lived with you!! Gorgeous horse! How wonderful for your husband. I hope it works out!

  4. Heheha, I love that you will be his cowgirl Juliana :-) That is so exciting - I hope it all works out getting the horse! I wanted to also congratulate you on the MM DT again - I am SO happy for you!! You are so talented and deserve this so much!!

  5. Well, yeehaw, Juliana! I think that's super sweet of you to be so supportive of him, and really fun that he has this passion. Hope it all works out and that the horse is a keeper.

  6. how exciting...brings back memories as i had a paint growing up! enjoy the trial and i hope you get what you are looking for!

    happy holidays!

    P.S. Juliana, thanks again for the GENEROUS rak you sent me...i'm still oogling over the goodies! {hugs}

  7. Woody is beautiful!!!!! How fun for your DH. And ya know...a cowgirl needs a horse too. It is so much fun to have someone to ride with - I predict a 2nd in your future!

    and have to say OH MAN!!!! re the bagpipes! DS is taking them up...would have so loved to know you were selling a set on ebay. Of course if you bought a horse, we probably couldn't afford what they went for. (LOL)

    Does your DH have any bagpipe music sheets he wants to give up?

  8. Awesome girl .. and oh yah congrats on the MM DT .. you sooo rawk .. get it girl


  9. Aw, what a sweet story Juliana! And it's good to have a happy husband! He looks darned good up there on that beautiful horse!


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