making my memories magical...

by using some yummy Magistical Memories chipboard!
here are my projects for Chipboard Artist Round 2 at Magistical Memories...
and please feel free to check out the other girls work! there are some fantastic projects and tons of inspiration!!!

1. for my first project i used white oak leaf.
i painted each leaf a color close to the color of glitter i wanted to use.
i made a mixture of clear embossing powder and glitter for each of the leaves using the color of glitter that matched the paint on each leaf.
once the paint was dry i inked the leaf with versamark ink and then sprinkled the corresponding glitter mixture on it and heat embossed it.

i also pulled out an oldie but paper crimper and crimped the green strip on the left hand side.

the frame is made from distressed cardboard. 2. next is my take on a victorian cone ornament.
on this one i used shining so brightly star.
i wanted the star to look like it was covered with snow. i didn't have any of that "fake" snow stuff so i made my own!
i painted the star white. once dry i applied glue all over the surface and then covered it with ultra thick embossing powder. i had to let it dry overnight. once dry i painted it white and there you go...a snow covered star!
i made the crepe paper medallion by just running some thread along one edge and pulling it tight to form a circle.
3. next is another LO.
on this one i used potty people and mini film strip border.
i left these naked with the exception of doodling around the edge of the potty people with a white gel pen. i felt they matched the LO better this way!
4. last but not least is my flutterby butterfly ornament!
i made this one using flutterby.
the top and bottom butterflies are covered with tulle! i used the same technique on the middle butterfly as i used on the white oak leaves above.
for the top and bottom butterfly i painted each piece the pink of my choice.
once dry i applied versamark and clear embossing powder and heat embossed it.
while it was still melty i placed/pushed the tulle into the embossing powder.
it stuck & gave a wonderful texture to them.
i cut off the excess tulle leaving a small border around each butterfly.
2 words of caution...the embossing powder gets hot so be careful you don't burn your finger & the tulle "melts" very easily if you hit it with the heat gun.TFL!!! and i hope you enjoyed the techniques i shared!


  1. Wow, each and every one of these projects is absolutely stunning, Juliana!! Great work!!

  2. Great job on everything Juliana!!!
    You do such great work!!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow!!
    These all look fabulous!!
    I especially love that cardboard frame on your layout!

  4. Every single project has a WOW factor!! Super job and all the best in round 2!!

  5. Hey, Juliana!
    I tagged you on my blog. :)

  6. Fabulous Juliana..I love them all.Super duper creative girl!
    Best of luck on this round :)

  7. Fantastic work Juliana! I see that you gave the tulle effect a try and it looks amazing! it's pretty easy, huh? Best of luck to you! :)


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