Craft Room Tour 2023

Hello there crafty friend! In this blog post I'm going to take you on a tour of my craft room and give you a look into how I store my craft supplies. Before I begin, I want to let you in on a little secret. I'm a relentless purger of things I haven't used within the past 6 months to a year. Between what I purchase myself and what I receive from the companies I work for, the amount of product adds up quickly, so the purging was something I started doing years ago to help me manage my stash. I place the items into a spare box and once it's full find the products a new home by either donating them or giving them away to fellow crafters. This process has helped me stay in my space without having to constantly add more storage options or furniture. I've also found that too many options tend to stifle my creativity so the purging allows me to surround myself with the products and supplies I love and that inspire me.

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

Along with the purging, I'm also obsessed with organization. I find I do my best crafting and feel more inspired in a neat a tidy space. This is a personal preference, but one I've learned to embrace over the years. And yes, I clean up after every project! The products I create with are often what inspire me the most so being able to see them is very helpful for me. That is where open storage comes in handy and why you will see some of my products are more visible than others. At the same time though, I don't want to see all the things, so that's where the drawers and closets come in handy. I hope you enjoy this little tour and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I've also included links to where you can purchase these storage options if they are still available. Now let's get on with the tour!

If you would like a video tour of my craft room, you can find that HERE or watch it below.

This is a long post with LOTS of photos, so feel free to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy the scroll. I'm sharing what I can with photos, but I highly encourage you to check out my video for more details.

My craft room is a spare room in my home. I'm going to be focusing on my craft room storage here, so you won't see a photo of where I actually work, but if you watch the video you will see it. I use an old kitchen table to work on and hope to refinish it this year to better match my room and get rid of the red oak stain on it!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

Behind my desk, I have a wall of storage using IKEA bookshelves and Kallax units. On this wall you can see my Distress Ink Storage. I have units from Stamp-N-Storage and have mounted them to the wall to free up counter space.

Below that is a Kallax unit turned on it's side and I actually use the top of it as a work surface at times. The black lunch box is where I store a lot of my Tim Holtz Idea-ology pieces. I also keep some in the white drawer unit. This is from but is sadly, no longer available. 

Distress Ink Storage Units Stamp-N-Storage

In the cubbies below I have stored my Tim Holtz products using a mix of storage options.

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Storage

The small wood crates were purchased several years ago at JoAnn in the garden/floral section and I use these to hold my Idea-ology paper and stickers. The black binder is a 6x8 album from and is where I store my ink swatches.

The brown drawer is an old sewing machine drawer and perfect for storing longer paper pads and sticker sheets. The green bin is a vintage hardware bin and I'm using it here to house my Tim Holtz Etcetera Thickboard. You might also notice the wood crates. I love these for storing items that I just don't want or need to see. The one on the left holds a mix of Idea-ology Vignettes and other surfaces and the one on the right holds my extra adhesives, foam squares, tape runners, refills, etc.

Tim Holtz Paper and Etcetera Storage

Also in the Kallax unit I have some drawers and in one of them I have my embossing powders organized.

Embossing Powder Storage

On the middle bookcase, I saved the top 2 shelves as a place to keep my knick knacks and to display some of my makes. It is also a place to add a little more color and interest!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

Below that I resume my product storage. Here I'm using a Totally Tiffany 6 Level Stadium to store and organize my Pops Of Color and Tim Holtz Foundry Wax. To the right of it, I have my washi tape in a vintage Ball Jar. Pops of Color Storage Totally Tiffany Stadium

On the lower shelves is my Tim Holtz stamp and die collection.

Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set Storage and Tim Holtz Sizzix Die and Embossing Folder Storage

I have the stamps stored in these Medium Envelope Organizer from and each organizer will hold 40 stamp sets. They were originally meant as a way to store and organize their medium storage envelopes, but once I realized my Tim Holtz stamps fit in them so perfectly, I began using them for that purpose. I just recently covered the front of each one with a piece of paper from one of Tim's Idea-ology Backdrops Paper Pads and love the color they add to my space.

Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Stamp Set Storage using Medium Envelope Organizer

Next I have these wood drawers/crates where I store my Tim Holtz Sizzix dies and embossing folders. These are from Hobby Lobby and I've had them since at least 2016, but they're probably a couple years older than that. Unfortunately, they're no longer available, but if you're looking for something similar you might try getting a wood crate, spray painting it and adding a decorative knob or drawer pull. The wood makes these a bit heavy, especially with the added weight of the dies, but the wood also makes it a nice and sturdy option for that weight.

On the lower shelf you can find my Tim Holtz stencils (still looking for a better solution for these), Medium Storage Envelopes filled with paper scraps sorted by manufacturer/color, extra envelopes and card bases, extra stamping platforms and large stamp blocks and my Sizzix Bigz dies.

Tim Holtz Sizzix Dies and Embossing Folder Storage

Over on the left hand side, I have a similar set up as on the right with the use of another Kallax unit.

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

Above the unit, I have some of my own creations hanging on the wall. The ink storage on the left is from Stamp-N-Storage and houses all my non-Distress Ink Pads. The cubby on the right side was a Jillibean Soup sample that never went to market, but it has become a great place to store my collection of Tim Holtz mediums.

Within the unit, I have a lot of my products stored in the top cubbies.

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

This is the Large Stadium Organizer. I'm using it to store a lot of my stamps and dies. This unit has 9 compartments in a variety of sizes that are perfect for storing so many crafting supplies. In the front I'm using the Small Storage Envelopes to organize some of my die sets. As with the other organizers, I adhered patterned paper to the front of the unit from a bit of color and interest. Large Stadium Storage Organizer

In this cubby is another one of those vintage hardware bins and this one holds my larger stamp sets and stamps from other manufacturers, such as Pinkfresh Studio. The 6x8 albums are from and this is where I store my 6x8 stencils.

6x8 Albums for Stencil Storage

On the right hand side you can see the Ink Pad Organizer that I'm using to store my A2 Paper Pads. Next to this is my colored cardstock divided by manufacturer and stored in white plastic magazine holders.

In the wood crates, starting on the far left, I have my Tim Holt Halloween Idea-ology. The next one holds my Christmas Idea-ology and the one next to that holds my felt, ribbon and twine. Ink Pad Storage used for A2 Paper Storage

And just in case you were wondering, this is all Ziva approved!

Ziva approving the craft room tour!

Next to my desk I have a Raskog cart. On the top, I have the Heat Tools and Accessory Organizer. This has quickly become one of my new favorite organizers and I love that I now have a safe place to store my heat guns after using them. I'm also using it to house my most frequently used tools, adhesives and other items. Behind it I have a metal planter I got from the craft store and I use that to hold my MISTI, scoring tool, and sticky mats.

Raskog Cart with Heat Tool and Accessory Organizer

On the second tier I have my blending brushes in a holder from Hero Arts, another metal planter holding more adhesives (foam squares, foam tape rolls, easy tear tape, etc) and my Sizzix Sidekick. On the very bottom shelf (not pictured) I store my Tim Holtz Tonic Comfort Trimmer and a roll of paper towels.

Raskog Cart with Heat Tool and Accessory Organizer

In front of my desk, I have a dresser drawer unit from IKEA. I show a bit more of this in my video. I use the top of it as my cutting station and you will find my Tim Holtz Tonic Guillotine Trimmer and Tim Holtz Sizzix Switch Die Cutting Machine here. The drawers are quite large and hold a ton of stuff.

The top drawers are a mix of junk drawers, small tools and die cutting plates and adaptors.
In the left middle drawer I have my Minc Machine and foil sheets. In the right middle drawer I have my Silhouette and Canon Selphy.
The bottom drawers are where I store some of the heavy products. In the left bottom drawer I have used White Bins to organize my sequins, liquid adhesives, extra mediums, paint and other miscellaneous supplies. White Bins for storing acrylic paint, liquid adhesives, sequins, and other craft supplies

On the right hand side I have my collection of Tim Holtz Distress Inks Sprays, Mica Stains and Oxide Sprays and Reinkers. I'm once again using the White Bins from I really love using these to help organize and the bins make it easy for me to pull them out and bring over to my desk when I want to use them. White Bins for storing Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains, Distress Oxide Sprays, Reinkers, Mica Stains

Last but not least, is the closet. Here I have an old book case where I store a mix of products that includes things I use frequently, such a paper, and others general craft items that I don't use as often.

I use these plastic drawers to hold my Tim Holtz Ranger Ink Papers, Neenah cardstock and chipboard. I've used an old school label maker to label each drawer. In between the drawer units I have the Small Envelope Organizer and I'm using it to hold the cards I make.

Plastic drawers for storing Tim Holtz Ranger Ink Distress Heavystock Watercolor Mixed Media Paper

Below that I have my specialty cardstock (glitter, foil, etc) on the left hand side and another plastic drawer unit for miscellaneous supplies such as plastic bags, extra storage envelopes and more chipboard. In between these is the Stadium Organizer that I'm using to house my seasonal stamps, dies and paper pads.

On the bottom shelf I have two more of the wood crates to house some generic craft supplies such as vinyl and my splat box.

Juliana Michaels 17turtles Craft Room Tour 2023

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my craft room and found some ideas that might help you as you organize your craft room. I also promise that it's not always this nice and neat, but it is close to it most of the time. As I mentioned above, this is really integral to my creative process. And just as I thrive in neatness you may thrive in chaos.  Neither one is wrong or right. We should each strive to find what makes us the most creative and efficient with the time we have to create and to enjoy the process!


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  1. where do you find the majority of the things that you store in... the containers, etc., or do they come from all over. When I look for things to organize my craft room, the ones that look like they would be most appropriate, they all seem so very expensive. I like those multiple colored containers you put your dies in.

    1. I've been "collecting" these over the years and are a mix of things I purchased (usually when on sale), found when antique shopping or thrifting or got from The main things to keep in mind is finding something that works for the way you create, that inspires you to create and works in the setting you have to create.


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