November 11, 2014

Fall Frame Home Decor Idea | 3 Birds Design

Thanksgiving is going to be at my house this year and this will be my FIRST time to cook a turkey! I'm a little freaked out by it all, so if you have any tips to share, please feel free to do so.

Before the cooking and baking begins, I decided to get a head start on the decorating. I wanted the table to have a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving feel. However, I didn't want it to take forever to decorate and I did't want it to feel too stuffy. I really just wanted a subtle touch of color and warmth.

To help keep it quick and easy, I reached for the For All Seasons Themed Cards from 3 Birds Design. These cards come in a variety of themes and sizes that are perfect for pocket scrapbooking, but I have found them quite useful for a plethora of other projects including this Fall Home Decor Frame. Along with this frame, I also created a set of Thanksgiving place settings that you can check out on the 3 Birds Blog.

Fall Frame Home Decor by Juliana Michaels for 3 Birds Design

I selected several cards from the Autumn set that fit inside the openings of the frame and then trimmed them to fit. For a little touch of texture, I added some machine stitching to some of the pieces. To help me determine where to stitch, I placed the card inside the opening and used a pencil to draw a light line around the opening. This pencil line then helped me to determine where to stitch.

Fall Frame Home Decor by Juliana Michaels for 3 Birds Design

The "&" card was a little to small for the opening. My solution? I adhered a scrap of patterned paper to the top and bottom of the card to help it better fit the opening and then added some zig zag stitching to "quilt" them together.

Fall Frame Home Decor by Juliana Michaels for 3 Birds Design

This Fall Frame came together pretty quickly as did the Thanksgiving place settings thanks to the For All Seasons Themed Cards. So, do you like to decorate your table for Thanksgiving? Have you ever made your own decorations using your scrapbook products?  I'd love to see them!
Hugs Juliana 17turtles


  1. How creative! You've given us yet another beautiful inspiration piece! I too try to use things for other than what they are intended, purchasing card kits even though I am not a card maker. I love all the layered, colorful embellishments that come in the 3 Birds card kits, but use them on my pages.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love love love the stitching!!! And I hear ya my friend -- we started hosting Thanksgiving when we moved into our now house -- and I still haven't mastered the big bird :(

  3. Oh, this is beautiful!!! LOVE.IT.

  4. Beautiful project! I love the pretty!


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