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I don't know about you, but I have a heck of a time keeping up with birthdays and anniversaries. I am good with my really close family members birthdays, but not so good with anniversaries and in-laws. My goal for next year (Yes! I am already thinking about 2014!!!) is to send handmade birthday and/or anniversary cards to everyone, so I created a calendar using a combination of SRM Stickers calendar stickers, patterned paper, twine and chipboard. I am hoping this calendar will help me stay on track!

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels


  1. Cut base from a sheet of chipboard cut at 5 x 12"  and cover with a piece of patterned paper.
  2. Cut each page for the calendar from patterned paper at 4 x 8".  
  3. Punch two holes in the top of each page and add eyelets to increase the sturdiness of the holes.
  4. Line up patterned paper calendar page and punch two holes in the chipboard base and add eyelets.
  5. Print Mini Calendar Template (linked below) on white cardstock and trim each piece to 3 x 7" following guidelines on template.
  6. Decorate each calendar page with a Mini Calendar sticker and the corresponding month sticker from the Calendar Companion stickers.
  7. Attach calendar pages to the chipboard base by threading an 18" length of twine through the holes and then tie it in front.
  8. Adhere twine around outside edge of chipboard base using Glossy Accents.
  9. Add clips and another length of twine and you are ready to hang your calendar.

When you look at the template or print it, you will see that there are light gray lines that will print on the template. I used these as a guide to trim the cardstock to the correct size after I had printed it. I will then write the date, name and/or event that I want to remember on the lines for each month.

You can download the Mini Calendar Template Printable if you like.

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels detail

To help each month stand out more, I used the month stickers from the Calendar Companion. I then added a mini calendar and the month to each page. The nice part about having the actual calendar image on each page is that it will let me know what day of the week the birthday or event falls on so that I can get my card in the mail on time! Before I added the stickers to my project, I applied all of the stickers to white cardstock. I also put eyelets through the chipboard base and then tied the pages to it using the twine. When each month is over, I plan to untie the twine and remove that month. I adhered the twine around the outside edge of the chipboard base using Glossy Accents as an adhesive.

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels detail

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels detail

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels detail

SRM Stickers Birthday Calendar by Juliana Michaels detail

SRM Stickers: Mini Calendar-Standard 2014; Calendar Companion; Year of Memories 2014
Twine: The Twinery in Charcoal Black and White
Patterned Paper: Lily Bee Pinwheel Collection
Eyelets: WeRMemory Keepers
Cardstock: unknown

Thank you for stopping by today! There's nothing quite like getting a head start on your New Year's resolutions huh?!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea!! Love it!:)And I may just have to give this a try...Though, I'm sure it will come out nothing, like yours! lol ;)

  2. Super cute!! Now....if I could just be this organized! Hugs, Katrina

  3. I just love how you made this. Fab idea!

  4. So awesome! Love the list and design! Way to rock your first DT assignment!

  5. This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Awesome!! Might give it a try too!

  7. Love this Juliana! Functional and cute!!

  8. Great directions! Thanks for posting them. Saw this project in ACOT's gallery.

  9. This is FABULOUS!! Such a great idea!!

  10. This turned out totally wonderful! I really love the mix of grey and bright colours.


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