What BRIGHT means to me

Of course, this first week of the new year causes all of us to reflect on our life a little.  For me it has been more than a little. I have been doing quite a lot of this lately.  I have had so many changes in my life these past few months because of our upcoming move.  I have reflected on all aspects of my life, including the direction I want to move with my life.  I feel like a clean slate has been placed before me and I have some choices to make as to how to fill that slate.  One thing I know for sure is that I want to focus more on my creative passion for scrapbooking, art, and crafting.  Mostly however, as I reflect on what my OLW means to me, I realize how much I want to be the definition of BRIGHT in my own life and to try to reflect that BRIGHTNESS onto the world around me. So with that being said here are some images and words for thought.

The definition of BRIGHT from Meriam-Webster.com:
bright | adjective
a : radiating or reflecting light : shining, sparkling <bright lights> <bright eyes>
  b : sunny <a bright day>; also : radiant with happiness <bright smiling faces> <bright moments>
: illustrious, glorious <brightest star of the opera>
: beautiful
: of high saturation or lightness <bright colors>
a : lively, cheerful <be bright and jovial among your guests — Shakespeare>
  b : intelligent, clever <a bright idea> <bright children>
: auspicious, promising <bright prospects for the future>

I plan to use these words & images and my word BRIGHT to remind me of the direction I want to travel and the things I want to be and do in this coming year.  Hopefully I will get my art journal page for BRIGHT finished and I as soon as I do I will share it with you. Until then...


  1. What great inspo for your word!!!! I loveeeeeeeee it all!!!

  2. You are a bright light, Juliana and I hope 2013 brings many opportunities for you to shine!! ~ Blessings, Tracey



Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa