Teresa Collins and Heidi Swapp

My computer is on the fritz...bad computer virus! I have been without one for over a week! Anyway...thanks to my sister I am sharing this with you today!
First up, I thought EVERYONE should know about the fabulous giveaways going on over at Teresa Collins blog! She started these on December 1 and they will be going on for 25 days! So you still have time to check them out! You can see all the details HERE!

Second up...Do you have a Yudu? Do you know what a Yudu is? Or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about! No matter you answer, you must check out this webshow hosted by Heidi Swapp on 12/8/10 using this super fun personal screen printing machine. You can check out her show HERE! She had a fabulous giveaway going on that day too, but since my computer was out of commission I wasn't able to get you hooked up for that.

I apologize for not having any projects to share today, but my time has really been limited lately due to our move/relocation and even more so by not having a computer! I am sure that 2011 will be moving a little slower! At least I sure hope so! LOL!!!!

Happy Holiday Hugs!


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope your back up and running soon, this is one of the worst times to be missing out on all that holiday inspiration. So nice of your sis to share hers with you. Happy Holidays Juliana

  2. ohmygosh, I just hate it when my computer goes out!! I seem to always have trouble with mine. It's amazing how dis-connected you can feel without the darn thing.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get settled soon with a fixed computer into your new home. Thanks so much for the links!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I know the feeling! We are sooo used to having computers around- I personally love my laptop with the wireless connection.
    Good luck with the settling down and let us know how things are going in the new year.

  4. wow. you do just beautiful work. I can't wait to follow your blog and see all the beaufiful things you do

    Central Islip NY


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