Ferris Wheel Fun!!!

Hi to all of you and thanks for stopping by today! Our inspiration piece this month immediately got my creative juices flowing! Can you see why?! Look at all those fun colors and festive images!
I knew I wanted to make something big, and after a trip down the party supply aisle at my local craft store I located the perfect item to alter...a ferris wheel!!! It is meant to be a center piece for a party with a carnival theme and was originally red and white and quite plain looking! The carnival theme was perfect, but I thought it needed a little more flair to help kick it up to the next level! Now when I look at it, I think it has gone from a simple carnival theme center piece to the perfect glitz and glamour center piece that any girl who loves butterflies and bling would adore! The baskets would be perfect for holding your favorite candy or treat or maybe even a little teddy bear with matching ribbons and bling! (My DH gave me that idea!!!) What do you think?!
I started by covering all of the pieces with patterned paper using the fabulous Homespun Chic collection. I then embellished it with punched and layered butterflies, a handmade multi-layered flower and some vintage lace.

Here you can see some of the details I mentioned above...
Everything spins and moves on this ferris wheel too, which makes it even more fun!!!
I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Happy Hugs!


  1. What an amazing and creative project! So fun and colorful! :)

  2. This turned out so beautiful! I love all of the details you put into it!! The papers are fabulous and the butterflies and jewels are so pretty!! Gorgeous!!!!

  3. Looks great Juliana, keep inspiring me....lol

  4. OMG this is just amazing! Can't believe you did all this - must have been majorly time consuming but WOW look how wonderful it is!

  5. I totally love it!!! Its amazing...must have taken you hours to do....your DD must have been truly blessed with it....fantastic!!!


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