does it get any better than this?

The pure joy and excitement of a 4 year old playing in the waves on the shore! My nieces have been having a blast, but today they were a tad bit worn out and are in much need of a good nights sleep and a day of more calm activity!
Vacation is going well despite the fact that it hasn't been quite warm enough for me...I prefer 80-90's and being able to sit out on the beach in shorts and a T-shirt instead of jeans and sweatshirts, but at least we are near the water! It is really gorgeous here and very relaxing! The water always calms me...the sound of the water hitting the shore is one of my favorite things to listen to and I prefer it to be a part of any vacation we take during the summer. I just wish we had the sunshine and warm temperatures to go with it! That would make it all even more better!!!

I was actually lucky enough to get to a Michaels today and I finally got the little butterfly trio punch from Martha Stewart! I would have gotten the lace doilies, but my dear friend Sarah is getting them for me!!! I had no idea I would be anywhere near a Michaels while on this vacation, but it was enjoyable to spend some time there browsing.

Tomorrow we plan to hit the beach and maybe head south a bit. I still want to stop by the Gwen Frostic studio and check out some of the local artists in the area as well. So many things on the list do yet!

Happy Hugs!


  1. Doilies are probably in your mailbox! :) I'm glad you're having fun & hope that the sun makes an appearance!

  2. Oh my gosh - I kept looking at the picture thinking "that looks like a dune on Lake Michigan" and sure enough I know that you are vacationing on Lake Michigan! Welcome to Michigan Juliana! I wish you had sunshine too. There is nothing more wonderful than Lake Michigan on a hot sunny day

  3. Super fun photo! Sounds like a ton of fun. Hope you are soaking up the peace of a wonderful time away.


Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa