And the winner is...

Juli! Congrats!!!!

sweetpz said...

Congrats on hitting 100 followers!
I'm adding myself to the list!
woooo Bo Bunny, i don't have any of their stuff yet =) ..

thanks for the chance to win!


January 16, 2010 2:59 PM

A BIG thank you to all of you who stopped by and said Hi! I loved reading your comments!

My question for you today is this...
"Have you stopped by the Bo Bunny blog to check out all the yummy new goodies coming your way?"
If not, what are you waiting for? Today they showcased two of their new releases, Jazmyne and Mama Razzi! Don't you just love all the fun new embellishments they have added to their lines?! I know I am loving them!!! They will be sharing all of the new releases this week, AND they are having some fabulous giveaways all week long as well! So make sure you hop on over!!!

Last, but not least, is a little sneak peak of one of my latest Bo Bunny projects! I will be sharing it with you all very soon!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Your sneak looks gorgeous, girl! Hope you are doing well!!

  2. Awesome! i can't believe i won !!! =) i love these designs, can't wait to use them for my DD's scrapbook!
    thanks so much!
    i will forward you my mailing address.


  3. Great sneek! I have been stalking the Bo Bunny blog! I'm loving the new lines and new embellies! I have yet to be disappointed with BB's releases! I can't wait to see your creations with the new lines! Oh and congrats on hitting 100 followers!

  4. I love your sneak already!
    I love, love, love Jazmyne!

  5. OMG, Juliana! Your sneak looks absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the whole thing!

  6. Hey Juliana, just stopping by to say hi. Hope you are doing good:-D


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