Total *eclipse* of my heart...

I just finished reading "Eclipse" and it got me to thinking about reading. I have never been much of a reader as an adult. I read a lot when I was younger, but I think as I got older I had so much reading that I "had to do" that I lost interest in reading for fun. I feel like I have just recently rediscovered the fun side of reading, and I am truly enjoying it! I am not a fast reader by any means. I struggle with plots that are complicated. And sometimes I have to read the sames lines over and over again until I "get it"! But I am still loving it! I love getting lost in the characters and their lives. I am anxiously awaiting the 4th book "Breaking Dawn" but I am a little hesitant to get to the end of these books. I know how I want them to end, but I am not convinced that that will happen! I want a happy ending! KWIM????



  1. Love your hair in the previous post. I love to read and try to as much as I can. These were by far my favorite books of the past year. If you are looking for another series that is a lot of fun, read Janet Evonivich's (sp) Stephanie Plum series starting with "One for the Money" I laughed out loud through most of them :-)

  2. I finished the first book awhile ago and FINALLY found the time to start the second just two days ago. This series is so addicting!

  3. I love reading too, I wish I had more time to do it!!! your post title made me think of that 90's song! LOL I used to love that song! :)

  4. I just finished the last book, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with 'the end' ;)
    Oh, and I love Janet Evanovich too, if you want a quick, witty read!
    {♥♥♥ your new sassy 'do' by the way!}

  5. Hey!!! I love, love, love your hair!!!!!! SO cute!

    Have fun with Breaking Dawn. I was so sad when I was done reading!! :)


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