On this day in history...

There was such a sense of excitement in the air to me knowing that history was being made today.
I really wanted to be able to watch as Obama became our next President, however I wasn't able to because I was at work. It was such a thrill for me to finally be able to see it for myself later today.
Brief as my thoughts below are about this momentous occasion, I think I have hit the main points. I am one of few words anyway, and I have found that in trying to express my true feelings about this day words once again fail to flow freely.
Regardless here are my thoughts...
I am so very proud that we have our first African American President.
I was raised to believe that race was never an issue and that we are all created equal.
We can all have dreams.
We can all strive to achieve them.
We as Americans still have a dream that we can achieve.
I believe we are achieving it!
I am excited about our future...the future of America!
I believe our President has the ability to make the changes this country so desperately needs.
I am excited to see how it unfolds. To see America become a place to be proud of once again!
I know many are suspect of his promises, after all he is a politician, but I have faith that he is the change we need right now.
I pray that God will bless and guide him as he leads our country these next 4 years.
God bless America!


  1. GREAT post Juliana!!!
    Beautiful, meaningful, true words!

  2. Great Post!! I am very excited as well.


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