i voted today...my thoughts on this day in history

i voted today.
for the first time since i turned 18 & was able to vote, i actually really cared about voting. i studied who i wanted to vote for & made my own educated decision. i did not base my decision on what family or friends thought, but on my own thoughts. i made my own choice.

i voted today.
i have never had a candidate move me to think, to want to be a part of this process, to want change, to believe it is possible, to dream about a better future for our country & our children. i feel free.

i voted today.
i woke up early to vote. i woke up nervous about this day. i woke up thinking about the history that is being made today. i waited in line before the polls opened. i cast my ballot. i made my choice.

i voted today.
i felt free to do my own thing. i feel free to believe in the future. i feel free for the first time.
expect i can not share my feelings with everyone. too many disagree with me. i don't like to argue with people whose minds are closed. i feel free.

i made my choice.
i voted today.
did you?


Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa