i run

and so does rachel!!! we survived the 5K this past weekend. even though we didn't run the entire thing we had a great time doing it together. it sure made it a lot easier doing it with someone else. thank you rachel for suggesting we do this & i can't wait for the next one. our goal next time is to run the entire thing without stopping! i know we can do it!!!
now for an update of last week...nothing too exciting. work for me, work for danny.
we did get a new roof put on our house. it is amazing how much just getting a new roof will do to making your home look a little better. we were shocked to discover, as it was being replaced, just how many areas had rotted through & were allowing moisture to get into the attic. we knew about 2 leaking areas, but we are so lucky it didn't cause more damage than it did. now we have huge piece of mind knowing that now we have a good, leak proof roof!

in scrappy news...happy dance for me! i won some Hambly goodies on their blog! can't wait to see what i get!
also CMK held a Scrap Pink crop this past weekend. i challenged people to make a mini album or LO about who they are right now. i loved how mine turned out! here it is...
and here are a few LO's...

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